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    Iran HL500 (20Inch) two sets

    Iran HL500 (20Inch) two sets

    Shandong Haiya Dredging Engineering Equipment Co.,Ltd
    Masong Village, Huanglou Town Government Office, Qingzhou County, Weifang City, Shandong Province, China

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    HL500d cutter suction dredger (20 inches, 4000 cubic meters per hour) digs 20 meters deep and works in Anzali port for sand dredging.

    The cutter suction dredger is designed and customized according to the requirements of customers, which can dredge the bottom silt and sand. It can work with high concentration in effective working time. In order to protect the ecological environment in the process of excavation, the company provides a complete set of solutions, which greatly provides work efficiency.

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