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    Brief introduction of chain bucket dredger

    The chain bucket dredger adopts a series of bucket chains with bucket. Driven by the guide wheel, the chain bucket dredger rotates continuously on the bucket bridge to make the dredger dredge underwater and lift above the water surface. At the same time, the chain bucket dredger retracts and releases the anchor cables dropped before and after, and moves left and right to make the ship move forward or left and right to carry out dredging operation. The excavated soil is lifted to the top of the bucket tower, poured into the mud separation tank, discharged into the mud barge docked beside the dredger through the chute, and then towed by the supporting wheel to the mud unloading area for unloading. Chain bucket dredger has strong adaptability to soil, can excavate all kinds of soil except rock, has high excavation ability, regular groove section and small error. It is more suitable for ports, berths, hydraulic structures and other specifications. It is a strict engineering construction, with a certain range of applications.